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For Professionals

If you're a wellness or fitness professional, WellFitly is the place for you! Wellfitly is an engagement platform for the wellness service industry.

WellFitly provides an easy and effective way for you to find new clients, collaborate with brands and get more income. Our advanced search system will help you become visible to potential clients in your city or state.

As a professional on WellFitly, you can improve your client acquisition rate, expand your influence, and increase your revenue. Wellfitly provides free sign up to all its users and plans to introduce some exciting features soon.

Sign up now and start getting new clients who want to improve their health and well-being.


Frequently Asked Question

Don’t know where to start? We’ve accumulated some of the most frequently asked questions to help you take your first steps in using WellFitly. Take a look and reach out to us if you have more!

What is the process to join WellFitly?

It’s quite simple. Sign up to create an account, use the dashboard or download WellFitly mobile app for Android or iOS (coming soon), update your profile, get verified, and start engaging with potential clients in your city.

What does it cost?

WellFitly collects a 20% service charge on all bookings made through the platform. This fee is directed towards covering administrative costs and funding our extensive marketing efforts, designed to attract more clients to your services and enhance your visibility.

How do I upload my photos & videos?

Use WellFitly dashboard to upload photos in the gallery section. At this moment we do not support video upload. We will notify you when this feature goes live.

How do I set my pricing?

Use WellFitly dashboard to create your service and pricing in the service section.

How do I get verified on WellFitly?

After creating an account, and updating your profile, we would require a valid government issues ID during your on-boarding process.

How do I get WellFitly App?

You can download WellFitly mobile app for Android or iOS in the respective stores (coming soon).


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